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morganalyssa_stone @Tue 16 Jan 2018

Guys. It’s been a busy two weeks over here. I think we are getting adjusted to the new year and new routines. 🤔❤️ and of course my first picture for the new year had to be of Kizer AND food. 😂 I kept trying to get him to look up at me and smile but he was way too focused on his food. 🤤🤤 oh and he had just been asleep in the car and all throughout ordering... then he woke up once we got the soda. 😂 #addicted thanks @costavida for always being our go to when we want fast yummy food!! 👊🙌 #lfthx #costavida #choosecosta

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muncher_cruncher @Mon 15 Jan 2018

How to eat out & eat healthy… First off, It IS possible. One reason I actually started this IG was to show all my favorite healthy options when eating out. However, I do say that you do need to go into your dining out with a bit of awareness. I tell my clients that are tracking their macros, or following a meal plan to go into it KNOWING what they are going to order beforehand. So many restaurants offer nutrition facts now. It is awesome. Even for those that don’t, you can usually flip through the online menu & find some good options. This takes the stress out of the process. If you don’t know where you are going beforehand, or if you end up eating out when you weren’t planning on it. I’d suggest this: - pick something high in lean protein (grilled chicken/fish/lean cuts of beef etc.) - don’t be afraid to ask what things are cooked in/with - Avoid creamy sauces/dressings/extra butter/oils (unless you already know the nutrition facts) - don’t forget that the “extras” add up (tortilla strips, nuts, cheese, bread, croutons, chips & salsa etc.) I’m not saying you can’t have them…just be aware. - ask for veggies to be steamed instead of fried - Know that salads aren’t always the healthiest options (some are upwards of 1,200 cals👀) If you do order a salad, get the dressing on the side & dip your fork. You will use MUCH less, & still get the flavor. - use items like salsa w/lots of flavor instead of dressings I love to go to fresh mex places like @costavida because I can order a big salad + grilled chicken w/double meat (I ditch the rice & beans) + fajita veggies + extra pico + mango salsa + guacamole + dressing on the side. It’s super filling, & VERY tasty. What are your healthy “go to” locations/options when you eat out?? I feel like I am always up for fresh mex. Always. #choosecosta #organicad #lfthx #cleaneating #eatclean #healthy #girlswholift #cleaneating #weightloss

#healthy #choosecosta #organicad #weightloss #eatclean #cleaneating #lfthx #girlswholift