aubmc_official @Fri 15 Dec 2017

Many people assume that keeping a #toothbrush in a closed container protects its cleanliness. However, a container creates an ideal environment for the growth of #bacteria. The best way to protect your toothbrush from harmful germs is to rinse it with water after using it and then leaving it to dry.

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aubmc_official @Thu 14 Dec 2017

For the first time in Lebanon and the region, the American University of Beirut Medical Center (#AUBMC) succeeded in the first-of-its-kind robotic surgery supported by augmented reality technology that helped a surgeon extract a tumor from the kidney while preserving it. The operation, which will change the delivery of healthcare around the world, was led by Dr. Albert El-Hajj, MD, Assistant Professor of Urology, robotic surgeon at AUBMC via an online interactive platform known as Proximie. #Proximie #AR #AugmentedReality #Tech Proximie

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aubmc_official @Thu 14 Dec 2017

With the festive holidays just around the corner, it is important to keep your child’s teeth in good shape. Too many carbohydrates from sugars, savory foods, and starches can cause tooth decay. Here are some tips for selecting foods that are better for your child’s teeth: - Offer your child a healthy snack of fruits and vegetables - Avoid carbohydrates. - Avoid sticky and chewy sugary foods such as lollipops and hard sweets. - Include good sources of calcium in your child's diet. Buy foods that are sugar-free or unsweetened. #SeasonsGreetings #Holidays #DentalHealth #Teeth

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aubmc_official @Tue 12 Dec 2017

To celebrate the Christmas spirit and share special moments of joy with patients and staff, AUBHealth team and the Children's Cancer Center Of Lebanon (CCCL) set a special Christmas house in Hisham Jaroudi Lobby, AUBMC. Passersby could enjoy various activities such as spin-the-wheel from Dec. 11 to 14 from 12😮0 pm to 2😮0 pm. #Christmas #AUBHealth #AUBMC

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aubmc_official @Tue 12 Dec 2017

ترتبط السمنة والوزن الزائد بمجموعة من المخاطر الصحية والأمراض المزمنة والخطيرة التي تهدد الحياة. من أبرز مخاطر السمنة: - داء السكري من النوع 2. - زيادة إمكانية الإصابة بالإلتهابات وضعف المناعة وتراكم دهون الكبد. - زيادة خطر الإصابة بأمراض القلب والأوعية الدموية وضغط الدم المرتفع. - رفع خطر الإصابة بالسكتات الدماغية وأمراض المرارة. - ارتفاع مستوى الدهنيات الثلاثية ومستويات الكولسترول . #QandA #Overweight #Health #Diabetes #HeartDiseases

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aubmc_official @Mon 11 Dec 2017

To commemorate AUB’s Faculty of Medicine 150th anniversary and as part of its commitment to the welfare of its community, #AUBMC will be sharing during the coming few months some medical advice given by our physicians to help improve your quality of life. Begin your week with a tip from our physicians. Featuring this week Dr. Baha' Noureddin. #AUBFM150

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aubmc_official @Sun 10 Dec 2017

يعد الفول وجبة متكاملة إذا أضفنا إليه الزيت والخضار المختلفة. تتضمن بعض فوائد الفول ما يلي: - يمنح الجسم طاقة تدوم لفترة طويلة. - يساعد على إدرار البول. - يقوي العظام ومناعة الجسم. - يغني الجسم بالبروتينات، والفيتامينات، والأملاح المعدنية، كالحديد والفوسفور. - يقاوم التّوتر والإجهاد الذي يصيب الجسم. - يفيد صحة القلب حيث يعمل على زيادة مستوى الكولسترول الجيّد في الدّم. - يحتوي على نسبة عالية من الألياف التي تساعد في علاج الإمساك الذي يصيب الجسم. بالرغم من أن الفول يؤمن وجبة صحية، يجب تناوله بكميات معتدلة. #Beans #FavaBeans #Chickpeas #Lebanon #LebaneseBreakfast #Breakfast

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aubmc_official @Fri 08 Dec 2017

#Libido is a term used to describe sexual drive or the desire for sexual activity. Since sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality, there are a variety of physiological and psychological factors that can impact one’s libido. Some of the factors that affect your libido include: -Stress - Alcohol - Relationship problems - Too little sleep - Medications such as antidepressants, blood pressure medications, chemotherapy, and hormone treatments - Body image - Erectile dysfunction - Low testosterone - Depression - Menopause #SexualHealth

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aubmc_official @Thu 07 Dec 2017

عرق النسا او "Sciatica"، هو اسم يطلق على كل ألم ناجم عن تهيج أو ضغط شديد على العصب الوركي "Sciatic nerve".يعتبر هذا العصب الأطول في جسم الأنسان، و يبدأ من الطرف الأدنى من الحبل الشوكي أي من خلفية الحوض، مروراً بالأرداف، والفخدين، وصولاً إلى أكف القدمين. من أبزر العلامات التي تدل على ظهور عرق النسا أو التهج هي: - بروز آلام تتكلل بالوخز والخدرتبدا من اسفل الظهر مرورا بإحدى الساقين وصولا الى القدم والاصابع. - ضعفاً في عضلات الساق المصابة والأرداف - شعورهم بآلام شديدة، هي الأصعب مقارنة بما ينجم عن آلام الظهر #Sciatica #Pain #BackPain

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aubmc_official @Thu 07 Dec 2017

When it comes to #germs in your house, you will be surprised to know that the kitchen sink is home to 100,000 more germs than the bathroom. In case the billions of microorganisms in the kitchen sink were not well-cleaned, you might be prone to food poisoning such as E.coli, campylobacter, and #salmonella. #Health

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aubmc_official @Wed 06 Dec 2017

#Children, especially those in middle school, may face several social and emotional changes. To make sure that you #support your child, follow the tips below: - Try spending time with your #child and listen attentively to him/her. - Encourage frank conversations between the two of you. - Teach your child how to stand up for himself/ herself if bullied. - Set clear rules with your child and tell him/her about your expectations. - Help your child become more responsible and set his/her own sense of right and wrong. - Encourage your child to be involved in school groups, activities, and events. - Participate in your child’s school events and ceremonies. - Meet the parents of your child’s friends.

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aubmc_official @Tue 05 Dec 2017

#DidYouKnow? Toxic shock syndrome is a sudden, possibly fatal #disorder that is caused by the release of poisonous substances from an overgrowth of #bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus, or staph, which is found in many women's bodies. This disorder usually affects menstruating women, especially those who use super-absorbent tampons. The body responds with a sharp drop in blood pressure that deprives organs of oxygen and can lead to death.

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