auroraprize @Tue 12 Dec 2017

Tabitha W. Wambugu is a healthcare provider working with Lea Toto Programme, attending to orphans living with #HIV in Kariobangi South, a slum in #Nairobi. Many children born to HIV-positive mothers soon lose them and face significant challenges as a result. Lea Toto asked HSO to train their HIV medical providers to improve the quality of care. Tabitha was one of those who attended the training in March 2017. “It has really made a difference in our work with the HIV-positive orphans. We are grateful and wish the HSO team all the best”, says Tabitha. #AuroraPrize #GratitudeInAction

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auroraprize @Sat 02 Dec 2017

7-year-old Solomon Rubangakene couldn’t afford to go to school. Both of the parents are #HIV-negative, but Solomon was found to be HIV-positive. His grandparents, who took care of him, didn’t have enough money for his studies and medication. With support from Aktion Canchanabury and Aurora Prize, Comboni Samaritan of Gulu has covered his school and medical fees. Now Solomon goes to #Gulu Primary Boarding school. He is doing very well and always remembers to take his medication. During holidays the organization also provides some food to his grandmother to feed him while at home. The grandparents and his father are very happy and grateful for the improvement they are seeing in Solomon. #AuroraPrize #GratitudeInAction

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auroraprize @Fri 01 Dec 2017

Today is #WorldAIDSDay dedicated to commemorate those who have passed on and to raise awareness about AIDS and the global spread of the HIV virus. Hellen Odeny and Fredrick Limo are health workers providing medical care to the Kakamega prison community in Kenya where many prisoners are HIV-positive. Thanks to the funding from Aurora, Hospital Support Organization (HSO) now runs a comprehensive training program focused on HIV for health workers in Kenya, which Hellen and Fredrick completed in March 2017. With follow-up and support from HSO, they were able to implement an action plan to help the HIV-positive prisoners get access to better healthcare. For this Hellen and Fredrick have been commended by the Clinical Coordinator of Prisons in #Kenya. #WAD2017 #AuroraPrize #GratitudeInAction

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auroraprize @Wed 29 Nov 2017

13-year old Goretty Ayya is living with HIV/AIDS and lost both of her parents to the same disease. As many HIV-positive people, Goretty has experienced prejudice and discrimination from others, including children at her school, making her want to drop out. With funding from Aktion Canchanabury and Aurora Prize, Comboni Samaritans of Gulu has taken the responsibility to help Goretty by paying her school and medical fees and providing her with school supplies and money for food. She was transferred to Gulu Baptist Primary School, where both the teachers and staff from the organization keep an eye on her treatment and make sure she regularly takes the medication she needs. Goretty is happy to be at school and her family is grateful for the support she is getting. #AuroraPrize #GratitudeInAction

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auroraprize @Sun 26 Nov 2017

Second oldest in a family of 7 children, B. lost all but two of his brothers in an internal refugee camp at Bugendana. In 2014 he left the camp and went to Bujumbura for university studies. Along with other students, he participated in peaceful demonstrations but had to flee #Burundi when the intelligence police tried to arrest him. B. has now received his diploma thanks to #MaisonShalom and Aurora Prize. He is currently one of the volunteers who help students in Mahama #Refugee Camp get ready for the national exam. #AuroraPrize #GratitudeInAction

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auroraprize @Wed 22 Nov 2017

24-year-old N. was finishing secondary school when demonstrations against re-election of President Nkurunziza began. Many young people on her street were killed: “On December 11th our quarter was attacked and many girls were raped. We were traumatized.” She fled from Burundi with her brother; they ended up in Mahama #refugee camp in #Rwanda. Now N. is one of the 340 university students supported by #MaisonShalom thanks to #AuroraPrize. She is studying finance and is thankful to have hope for her future. #GratitudeInAction

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auroraprize @Tue 14 Nov 2017

“If it were not for the Aurora support, I could be suffering from cervical cancer right now.” Dorothy Banda, 31, from Chipuza village in the Salima District of #Malawi, went to the VIA clinic at #Katawa, a recipient of the Aurora grant through AMHF, where she was diagnosed with lesions. “I am advising all my friends with the fear of unknown to come check themselves. I’m grateful to Aurora for its support of the Katawa Community clinic.” #AuroraPrize #GratitudeInAction #healthcare

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auroraprize @Tue 07 Nov 2017

10-year-old Elodie and her six siblings found shelter at the INUKA Center in #RiodeJaneiro in April 2016, after their mother died while giving birth to Gauthier, the baby of the family. INUKA Center is one of the beneficiaries of $1 million #AuroraPrize awarded to Ms. Marguerite Barankitse in 2016. Thanks to her and the Aurora Prize, children like Elodie and her siblings will be able to finish primary and secondary school. Despite the terrible loss they had suffered, Elodie and her family are given the best chance to be educated and have a better life in the future. #GratitudeInAction

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auroraprize @Tue 12 Sep 2017

In its third year, the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity has received 750 submissions for 509 unique candidates. During the nomination period entries were submitted in 12 languages from 115 countries. #AuroraPrize


auroraprize @Sat 09 Sep 2017

The nominations for the 2018 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity are now closed. The nominations will now be reviewed by a group of knowledgeable and practiced professionals, who will prepare a short list based on demonstrated courage, commitment and impact. #AuroraPrize #GratitudeInAction

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auroraprize @Sat 19 Aug 2017

There are 1.8 million surviving rape victims living in the Democratic Republic of Congo today. Over 65% of victims during the past 15 years were children. #AuroraPrize finalist Dr. Denis Mukwege is a surgeon who heals rape survivors. Nominations for the 2018 Aurora Prize are now open. Anyone can nominate a candidate they believe has overcome great personal challenges to make an exceptional impact on preserving human life and advancing humanitarian causes. Nominate them now for the 2018 Aurora Prize! #Nominate4Aurora

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auroraprize @Sun 13 Aug 2017

2017 Aurora Prize finalists Fartuun Adan and Ilwad Elman founded the #SisterSomalia Initiative, the first-ever rape crisis center in Mogadishu. The initiative supports Somali sexual violence survivors and those who have escaped forced marriages by providing counselling, medical services, relocation, education and business starter kits. If you know people who put themselves at risk to save others, nominate them now for Aurora Prize 2018! More info: link in bio #AuroraPrize #Nominate4Aurora #ShareHumanity

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auroraprize @Fri 11 Aug 2017

More than 50% of Afghan girls are married or engaged by 12. One of 2017 Aurora finalists Jamila Afghani has educated and empowered more than 50,000 Afghan women all over the country. If you know people who put themselves at risk to save others, nominate them now for Aurora Prize 2018! More info: link in bio #AuroraPrize #Nominate4Aurora #ShareHumanity

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