cottononfoundation @Thu 07 Dec 2017

With 75% of diseases in Uganda caused by a lack of safe water, imagine knowing that the water you drink could be contaminated, but you have no other option. You can help to provide a child with clean drinking water while they are at school, and it’s as simple as buying one (very cute) pin. Find out more through the bio. #cottononfoundation #empoweringyouth #giftsthatcount

#empoweringyouth #cottononfoundation #giftsthatcount

cottononfoundation @Tue 28 Nov 2017

You’ve treated yourself, and now it’s time to treat somebody else! Today is #GIVINGTUESDAY, a day that reminds us what the festive season is all about. Play your part by giving a pin from our #GiftsthatCount series, providing life-changing items to help empower youth globally! (They also make awesome KK presents!) #cottononfoundation #empoweringyouth #wearitwithpride

#cottononfoundation #wearitwithpride #givingtuesday #empoweringyouth #giftsthatcount

cottononfoundation @Mon 27 Nov 2017

“My first visit to Mannya Primary was truly special; I spent the afternoon meeting talented teachers and bright learners, and was shown around by this group of incredibly happy girls. Just after I snapped this shot I was swept up in the biggest group hug, it was magical”- Sarah Langborne, #cottononfoundation team member on one of her favourite photos. #empoweringyouth

#empoweringyouth #cottononfoundation