csjalbany @Thu 18 Jan 2018

Today through January 26, we join our U.S. Catholic Bishops in “9 Days for Life,” a time of prayer and action focused on cherishing the gift of every person's life. As we begin “9 Days for Life,” let us pray that we will do all we can to build a culture of life that will grow ever stronger in our communities and in our world. #9DaysforLife #OurPrayersMatter

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csjalbany @Wed 17 Jan 2018

“Our call to unifying love impels us to manifest Jesus in our world today as we work for right relationships with and among the Dear Neighbor.” (#SistersofStJosephofCarondelet, Act of Chapter 2007) During this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (January 18-25), we pray for all Christian Churches, that they may experience the power of God guiding them towards reconciliation and unity in Christ! #wpcu #christianunity #WPCU2018

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csjalbany @Mon 15 Jan 2018

"As Sisters of St. Joseph, we engage in works of compassion and mercy which respond to the spiritual and corporal needs of persons in our times. We do this in a way that: heals and reconciles; serves all persons without distinction; makes known through our lives the Gospel we proclaim; enables others to assume a more active responsibility for continuing the mission of Jesus; recognizes and defends the human dignity of all persons; promotes justice with a particular concern for the poor.” (Constitutions, #SistersofStJosephofCarondelet) A Blessed #MartinLutherKing, Jr. Day! #catholicsisters

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csjalbany @Mon 15 Jan 2018

May these timeless and prophetic words from Rev. King remind us that three things outlast all hate and fear: faith, hope, and love. Thanks, Brother Mickey McGrath.

csjalbany @Mon 15 Jan 2018

Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream, a dream that the ideals of justice and freedom and the belief that all are created equal in the eyes of God are noble principles. We pray today that we, our Church and our country will not be complicit in #injustice by being silent, but that we will rise up with a prophetic voice that speaks God’s truth and advances the values of Jesus’ #Gospel message. May Dr. King’s vision and dream inspire us to work tirelessly for equality among ALL God’s people. #MLK #civilrights #racism #Ihaveadream

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csjalbany @Sun 14 Jan 2018

As we come to an end to #NationalMigrationWeek, we thank our U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Justice for Immigrants Campaign which works to mobilize Catholic institutions and individuals in support of #immigrationreform. And we continue our prayers for all our sisters and brothers who have been uprooted from their homes and are forced to search for safety and security in foreign countries, that we may grow in compassion and work to create a land of welcome. #ShareJourney #NMW #usccbjfi #MRSServes

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csjalbany @Sat 13 Jan 2018

RepostBy @csjorange: "Thursday marks the start of 29 Days of Prayer to End Human Trafficking. We hope you'll join us in spending a few minutes each day in prayer and reflection about this on-going crisis. You can download this prayer calendar by visiting the link in our bio. Included with the calendar is an informational flyer to help you learn more about human trafficking and modern day slavery and how even the smallest actions can make a difference. #humantrafficking" (via #WhizRepost @AppsKottage)

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csjalbany @Fri 12 Jan 2018

#ThrowbackThursday: During this #NationalMigrationWeek we remember our first #SistersofStJoseph who came to #Oswego on April 25, 1858 to begin what would eventually become the Albany Province. The Sisters came to staff a school (St. Mary’s) which consisted, for the most part, of children of Catholic immigrants (primarily from Ireland, Italy and Poland) who had worked on building NYS’s canals and railroads. Five of the first six Sisters to come to Oswego were themselves immigrants. Mother Stanislaus Saul was from Germany; Sisters Patricia Pyne, Flavia Waldron, and Chrysostom McCann were from Ireland; Sister Hyacinth Blanc was from France; only Sister Eusebius Verdin was a native American (born in St. Louis). We treasure our multicultural heritage! #NMW2018 #ShareJourney #NMW #usccbjfi #MRSServes http😕/bit.ly/2mqYf0M

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csjalbany @Wed 10 Jan 2018

RepostBy @jamesmartinsj: "Dear friends: I'm so happy to share this brand new icon by Robert Lentz, OFM (with his permission) of two of the great prophets of our time: Philip Berrigan and Daniel Berrigan, SJ. Brother Robert has brought iconography to countless people and has enriched the church in so many ways through his incredible artistry. In this new icon Philip and Daniel hold scrolls with two of their most well known quotations. (Thanks to the Rev. William Hart McNichols, one of Robert's students, for the photo.) Robert tells me that copies of the icon will soon be available at Trinity Stores: (via #WhizRepost @AppsKottage)