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#HIV Possibilities. Every now and again, we get requests by people living with HIV for us to hook them up with other people living with HIV, because they are struggling to find love or are afraid they will be “rejected”... It’s imperative to note that the same HIV status doesn’t make a relationship work, but love, understanding, respect, compassion, and all those human fundamentals makes a relationship work. One can find someone with the same status as them, but that doesn’t guarantee that the relationship will work, because the basic fundamentals are missing. There are a lot of open minded people out there, who will love you for who and what you are, not the manageable virus you’re living with - so our advice is go out, look for love, be prepared to love and don’t sell yourself short or limit your options to the same positive status. This picture proves it possible - possible to find love, have kids, a family and lead a normal, healthy, happy life. Picture Source: @Vinton__ on @Twitter


goodstoriessa @Sat 18 Nov 2017

#GoodStoriesSessions #Repost @lello9191 @goodstoriessa @huletts_sa I truly believe that there's no shame it not knowing but it lies in not finding out . We need to channel our minds in this manner in order to truly live up to our full potential and thank you to @goodstoriessa for the giving us the platform to voice out our opinion and learn something new everytime ❤❤❤

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goodstoriessa @Sat 18 Nov 2017

#Repost @kuthulamkhize #GoodStoriesSessions So @Huletts_SA has these beautiful, inspirational messages on their sachets, we handed these out at the @GoodStoriesSA session today and we all had to relate the messages we received to our lives. WOW, such amazing conversations, insight into people’s lives and most importantly, how we all have different viewpoints about the same message. This was mine and since we were at an #HIV #AIDS event, I had to be relevant - a persons life is influenced by so many things that we say and do, so it’s imperative that we always aim to build rather than destroy. “Nothing changes, if nothing changes” - we need to change in order for our #stigma infested environments to change.

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[Swipe Left] #GoodStoriesSessions - 10h00-12h00 at @Reef_Hotel_Jozi 58 Anderson Street. We don’t just talk #HIV #AIDS, it’s not depressing, we have fun and laugh - join us, we need your inputs. . #GoodStories619Challenge - We challenge you to run 61.9 KM’s from 06-31 January. 2018 is special because it marks the beginning of 10 years of living with #HIV for our founder and CEO @KuthulaMkhize. 2017 was big, let’s make 2018 bigger.

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