goodstoriessa @Fri 16 Feb 2018

Snippet of #CyrilRamaphosa’s #SONA2018 Our view as #GoodStories - We, as country, currently find ourselves in a situation we are able to address certain elements of #HIV #AIDS. We’ve made great strides in the availability of all technical elements, i.e. testing facilities, and HIV/AIDS management through the availability antiretroviral drugs. But we are struggling with addressing the heart and mind elements, i.e. people’s psyche, how they view and experience HIV/AIDS. Psychological health is important because it drives how we react to HIV/AIDS, related subjects and inevitably drives behaviour. The technical elements will not have the desired effect because our people are HIV-damaged, our people are still holding on to information and experiences that are not relevant today. We have such programs.

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goodstoriessa @Wed 31 Jan 2018

#Repost @x_olisa Yerr it was rough today. My legs felt like i was wearing cement shoes. At one point i looked up to the sky ( past the dope thick blanket over the mountain) and asked the heavens; “ why was i not born a skinny bish maara? “... Anyway, 1 day and 6K’s left of the #goodstories619Challenge4

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