inaturelle @Thu 04 Jan 2018

(Scroll alert) While I'm in Accra might as well, here's some trivia which should be better documented in history books for brown babies, for all babies, for the future! In 1957, Ghana became the first country in Sub Saharan Africa to gain independence from colonial rule under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah who had returned from attending university in America in 1945 and lead the resistance movement. Scroll through these few historical pix, captions below. 1. Maya Angelou lived in Accra from 1961 to 1965 and worked at the University of Ghana, Radio Ghana, Ghana Times and performed at the Ghana National Theatre. 2. This picture is W. E.B. Dubois 95th birthday celebrations in Accra. In 1961 Nkrumah invited his long term mentor and friend W. E.B. (William, Edward, Bughardt) Du Bois to help him research and collate Encyclopedia Africana. Du Bois came with his wife Shirley Graham Dubois (if you are a romantic read up on their letter correspondence 😍 ) who was later instrumental in setting up Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. Dubois Died in 1963 and is buried in Accra. Mrs Dubois (far right) went to live in Egypt with Fathia Nkrumah (far left) after a coup ousted Nkrumah in 1966. 3. Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King at Nkrumahs inauguration in 1957 in Accra. 4. Malcolm X and Maya Angelou in Accra in 1964. X convinced Maya to come back and help with civil rights movement and she moved back to the states in1965. 5. Nina Simone disillusioned by the ongoing assassinations of her civil rights movement peers and recently divorced sought refuge in Ghana during the 60s. 6. Kwame Nkrumah dancing with the Duchess of Kent ( Love the Kente gear) at his inauguration. 7. Muhammad Ali and Kwame Nkrumah in 1964 during the time Ali was prohibited from fighting because of refusing to be drafted to the army and his anti Vietnam War stance. 8. Malcolm X wearing a traditional Smog shirt with Shirley Graham Dubois in Accra, 1964. A year later he was assassinated. #panafrican #kwamenkrumah #Ghana #mayaangelou #ninasimone #accra #webdubois

#webdubois #ninasimone #ghana #accra #panafrican #kwamenkrumah #mayaangelou

inaturelle @Thu 04 Jan 2018

We visited the Elmina Castle yesterday on the Cape Coast. It's a UNESCO world heritage site whose history made my stomach tight and gave me nausea. Those who have read Homecoming by Yaya Gyasi will have reference. Originally built as a trading post by the Portuguese in 1482 the castle became one of the busiest stops for the trans Atlantic slave trade. The castle acted as a depot where slaves were bought in from different Kingdoms across Africa. The slaves, often captured in the African inland by the slave-catchers and were sold to Portuguese and Later Dutch traders in exchange for goods such as textiles and horses. The slaves were held in the under disease causing inhumane conditions in castle dungeons before exiting through the castle’s infamous “Door of No Return”. The door is tiny even a short person like me had to bend over. Most people bumped their heads and would have concussions as they were boarded onto ships. If you're weak and concussed you can't protest or revolt right? Every two to three months a new ship came to take new slaves who were waiting. They would get onto the ships to be transported and resold in new Portuguese colonies such as Brazil and to the Carribean Islands as labour on sugar plantations and to America to work on cotton plantations. I'm sitting in a watchtower overlooking where the ships docked and where slaves saw Africa for the last time never to return. I'm numb. The deliberately orchestrated evil that has had so many repercussions has seen injustice that persists to this very day. The W is for the Dutch West India company logo. Phucking capitalists who gained off the mistreatment and torture of other human beings. #elmina #slavetrade #freedom #doorofnoreturn

#slavetrade #doorofnoreturn #elmina #freedom

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Fabrics in Accra got me all dizzy. Ready to risk it all and throw bank balance into minus but still trying to decide if I can live off water for the rest of January. 🤔