kaypizza04 @Tue 09 Jan 2018

One of the many weddings. Wait, it wasn't my wedding. Somebody else's. Not that I mind getting married more than once. But I surely wouldn't want to. But atleast once. Ok just enjoy the pictures. I look cute. 🤦 #indianwedding


kaypizza04 @Tue 07 Nov 2017

I am so happy about the distance between us because you cannot kill me for doing this. HAAPPYYY BIRTHDAAYYY BOO!!! Now now, don't get mad. THE WORLD DESERVES TO WITNESS YOUR SWAG ! Plus I was out of nice pictures of us. I hope you have an amazing dayyyyy! Love youuuuu 😘😌

kaypizza04 @Fri 06 Oct 2017

And another year has passed with this weirdo. I look back and can't help but imagine how life would be without all that fart smell in my face, without the incessant narcissism every second of each day, without you burping 'hello' everytime I call you, without you taking thrice the time to get ready when we have to go out, without you snoring like a hyena every night, without you waking me up to make me workout (totally against my will), without you telling me butter is fattening and pizza is fattening and asking me every day 'when was the last time you ate a healthy meal?'. All I do is wonder @daivik711 😜

kaypizza04 @Fri 22 Sep 2017

Aaaaaaand it's my favourite person's birthdayyyyyyyy!! Always the smartest person in the room. I'm sooo glad, by some miracle (and a little imposing) we became friends and we've not looked back ever since! You're the most cuckoo hooman I know and that makes me feel a little better about being cuckoo. I hope you do something awesome today. I know I was more excited about your birthday than you, but that's how it'll always be, get used to it. Aaaaaaand have a few shots to remember me. Happy birthday @adityakranguria . Miss you terribly! Love youuuuu 😘😘

kaypizza04 @Thu 07 Sep 2017

So instead of uploading a picture of you, I'll just upload a picture for you. Haaaappppyyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyy @lamba_ramleen ! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCHHHHHH! And I miss you like crazy. But hopefully this picture will make both of us feel better about being away from each other. (I look like a duck in front of this man.) But yes, have an amazing 23 beebs 😘 just be the crazy little person you are, great things shall follow. द वी टू आर वी ❤️