m0rinski @Sun 17 Dec 2017

:and we’re back in our #reviewReviewhan, with #Netflix original #Dark. . . Dark is a German-language series revolving around the town Winden set in a time-encompassing universe, with characters of interweaving circumstances, and the center of it all is a boy named Jonas. The plot initially is a darker version of Stranger Things 2, but adamantly, the Noir-like overall look, and feel, (especially the sound effects and long silences) makes the show reminiscent of likes of Conjuring or The Shining, but is uniquely great on its own. The ending is a definite cliffhanger, and there were 2 questions that bothered me (hopefully just only with my lack of understanding) [spoiler alert] 1. Why did Jonas’ dad kill himself; And 2. Who is Noah? . . Dark is one of the best Netflix series ive seen so far: it has plot, somewhat relatable characters, a whiff of sci-fi but ultimately reflects real-life—all this formula to make a very anticipating season 2. I hope it comes soon. . . “The past influences the future, as with the future influencing the past.”

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m0rinski @Sat 16 Dec 2017

“There are only few people I admire, and a very sole one I envy: magnificent (so much, that it becomes irritating to the core) people that with words, weaved universes and imagined feelings, can make you be part of life’s poignant reflections.” . . . #HarukiMurakami #NorwegianWood

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m0rinski @Fri 15 Dec 2017

“The dry spell came to her unexpectedly, but not inevitably. Maybe it has been that way for few minutes, weeks, or months —like a murky water remaining stagnant after the rain several days ago (with reflection as unclear, but strangely, she was thankful). The air became thin yet dry, and it was hard to breathe at first, but now it had already became a habit. She got to cope, and wished for it to go away, like she wished to get stronger. The turn of the year does not matter, just like crossing to the other side does not matter; cos it’s unknown, and she did not know anything about it. Like all the other spells that came to her, she thought, she will just learn to grow from it. Like a baby’s breath in a slab of concrete, complete with bed of rocks underneath.” . . . 🌵c/o sister #cactus #succulent #plants #nature #photography #poem #poetry #prose #prosepoem

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m0rinski @Fri 08 Dec 2017

“If years only exist for us to fulfill our wishes one by one, what is good with living there? Can you just pick up one pebble, take it to your liking, and never be apart from it? Can you just sleep for thousands then wake up for another? Why do we have to close our eyes every night, only to forget who you once were yesterday? Can we just remember one long continuous heartbeat?” . . . #photography #poetry #poem #prose #prosepoem #nowplaying #wolflarsen

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m0rinski @Mon 04 Dec 2017

[warning probable spoilers up ahead for latest chapter of the manga Haikyuu] . . . in my 31 years of life, id seen countless of great movies, series, comics, animes, and mangas. But never have i been invested until this one. I decided to start reading the manga today, and the latest chapter just literally blew my mind. There were lots of great moments in Haikyuu but i guess this one particular scene really took the cake and won it. This is probably an exaggeration on my part, but cmon, dont you have this kind of moments? #Haikyuu #HaikyuuManga #HaikyuuAnime #OtakuSpeak #Otaku #Anime #SportsAnime #Volleyball #HinataShouyou #KageyamaTobio #Karasuno

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m0rinski @Sun 03 Dec 2017

“Some days, when you stare out at the sky, you wish that it would fall down into pieces, especially if it’s so blue and cloudless. Or when you smell the ocean breeze, you wish that the water would just float, denying you of air and just drown you. But it never happens. Probably because earth is not meant to be the way you always wanted it. You can never be too free, since it was set a certain way from the very beginning. You’ll just live, and suddenly die. And throughout these days, months, or even years, all you ever wonder: will there be no gravity in the after-life, and finally you’ll be free to float aimlessly?” . . . #prose #poem #prosepoem #poetry #sky #blue #photography

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m0rinski @Sat 02 Dec 2017

:and on with this latest installment of my #reviewreviewhan, i present to you, #AliasGrace from #Netflix (then again). It is a TV adaptation of the 1996 Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name, telling the story of Grace Marks, and all the circumstances that led to the murder of her boss, and his housekeeper. It is only a 6-part limited series, with almost more than 45mins long episodes. For me, you have to go thru until the very end to experience the show’s hold. After more than a few hours, there was still a burning question in my mind, the fact that “was she sane?” Probably, to state this as a matter-of-factly, didnt we all ask this ourselves (some of us even more than once?). The imagery and all the show’s deep symbolism would ultimately lead you unto your own questions in reality. I do think that it deserves the 99% rating from rotten tomatoes. You all go check it out. UpNext: Outlander!

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m0rinski @Fri 01 Dec 2017

:as we observe #WorldAidsDay, let us all remind ourselves, that we can fight AIDS too, like any other illnesses! 👊🏼 Have yourself tested, do not forget to protect yourself, and always have compassion! Together we can fight! ❤️


m0rinski @Thu 30 Nov 2017

: #TheSinner in #Netflix, starring @jessicabiel, is a story about a mother who suddenly stabbed a stranger to death on a beach day-out. Nobody knew why, what was worse, even her. The first episode was intense, and just enough for you to find the series riveting. As every detective-thriller show, it portrays how criminals are the makings of, most of the time, psychological and childhood trauma. It sits well with i think everyone who has an open mind, and kidding aside, i think Freud will be proud. Haha #reviewReviewhan

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