maestro.subash @Sun 12 Nov 2017

My days are going pretty good but nothing in this 🌍 world gives me more happiness than 🇳🇵 Nepal winning cricket games. And yes it could not be better than this. Nepal u 19 wins by 19 runs against the full fledge test playing nation India U 19. Could not cross line agst Bangladesh but the boys did it. Over the moon 🎑 just now after coming back 🔙 from stressing exam.

maestro.subash @Sun 29 Oct 2017

Surpassing all the records. KOH+LI Potassium Hydroxide + Lithium😄angerous Legend in making. Making Batting look like a walk on the park. Modern Day Legend. Take a bow 🙇!

maestro.subash @Wed 25 Oct 2017

मुहारको अभिव्यक्ति र गोलो चस्मा 😂(त्यो पनि अर्काको) यस फोटु 📷 का मुख्य पात्र हुन्। हामी गौण।। ध्यानाकर्षण त्यतै रहोस्। आनत मोडिएर भावनात्मक टुसा पलाए हामी जीम्मेवार छैनौँ।। एक क्लिक केशरधन विवेक सङ्ग।