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Always make sure to keep the area between the legs dry. If not, there is a chance that you may experience chafing. Every time you replace a sanitary napkin make it is a practice to wipe off the sensitive areas with a toilet paper or soft towel.

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Concerned about how to maintain a healthy physique? Maruthua Poshak Plus is the answer for you as it provides men exactly what they desire - strength, beauty, immunity, and enhanced memory power.

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Maruthua Lancer was glad to be a part of this marvelous initiative 'Aarthava Yaanam' in Kerala. The Red Cycle project along with Sustainable Menstruation Kerala Collective arranged Aarthava Yaanam, a marathon awareness drive that reached out to more than 18k girls in Kerala. Here is an article about it in The Indian Express: http😕/ #Maruthuaforlife #ForWomen #Menstruation

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Boost your chances of conception and get the results you are looking for by consuming Panchajeeraka Gudam. This herbal supplement contains 'Cedrus Deodara or Devadaru ' which according to Ayurveda can help regularise menstrual cycle and strengthen uterine muscles.