paovychin @Sun 14 Jan 2018

How quickly my little baby has turned into a toddler! This is the time for great cognitive, emotional and social development. Overnight, they seem to acquire mad monkey skills and can absorb words and expressions like never before! Well, bye bye baby, hello toddler! 😁😅🤪

paovychin @Sun 31 Dec 2017

The best moments of 2017. Can’t believe how fast this year went by. Giving thanks to an amazing year and so looking forward to the new year. 2018, bring it on! 💑👪🙏🏻

paovychin @Fri 29 Dec 2017

Lucas has an animals book where he always flips to the page where there is a horse and says that he likes horses. So today we decided to take him for a horse carriage ride around Victoria Memorial. It was a jolly good one! 🐴😬