rickynamarafiki @Mon 04 Dec 2017

Are you looking for a plan for #jamhuriday? Why not come through to @nyamamamake for Mama's all you can eat feast! For only Ksh 3000, you get muteta soup, a choice of two sides and unlimited ribs, ribs, ribs and boerewors.


rickynamarafiki @Fri 01 Dec 2017

Everyone, regardless of who they are or where they live, has a right to health, which is also dependent on adequate sanitation and housing, nutritious food, healthy working conditions and access to justice. The right to health is supported by, and linked to, a wider set of rights. Ending AIDS as a public health threat can only happen if these rights are placed at the centre of global health, so that quality health care is available and accessible for everyone and leaves no one behind. #WorldAIDSDay #RightToHealth

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rickynamarafiki @Sat 25 Nov 2017

@Regranned from @nyamamamake - #Repost @jahmbykoikai #mamastandswithjahmby we at Nyama Mama wants to wish you a speedy recovery. . . @nyamamamake I am out of words. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. God bless you so much. Nyama Mama director Mama, donated 1million and fundraised 600k from her friends. We've now hit the 7.6 million mark. Thank you. God bless you very much. I'm overwhelmed. Update 400k raised now. So we are at 8 million shillings now. Yes and my English name is Mary😊 #istandwithjahmby

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rickynamarafiki @Mon 20 Nov 2017

@Regranned from @nyamamamake - Join us this Thursday for Mama's all day Thanksgiving feast for TWO! This menu is only applicable for reservations. For KSH 3800 you're treated to a delicious starter, a sharing nyama choma platter and to end a delectable cheesecake for dessert. Mama's also giving away a COMPLIMENTARY bottle of wine for the first three tables to reserve. Give us a call on 0704567567.