supersarit @Mon 15 Jan 2018

The ballroom @grandhyattmanilaph is absolutely gorgeous. It has a kitchen where you can see the actual cooking done and those exquisite chandeliers are just amazing.

supersarit @Sun 07 Jan 2018

Dearest Tito Toto Mayo, Words could not express the sadness I feel but the time has come for you to go home. You always knew when you had to go and rest. Thank you for being like a 2nd father to me and thank you for always making my mom and I welcome in the Lopez family. Thank you for supporting my satire blogging and thank you for always letting me know how much it made you laugh. I will treasure our conversations together about politics and life. I may have not attended AIM but my learnings from you have always been special. Rest well, Tito Toto Mayo. The fight has been long and hard but you have remained to be a beacon of inspiration. I love you to the moon and back. I will miss you dearly.