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#Travel not only opens our eyes to different #cultures, but also reminds us to be just as respectful of other #religions. Today is Religious Freedom Day - a day for us all to come together as one and take a pledge to be ever curious and ever respectful of new thoughts and experiences - religious and cultural. #ReligiousFreedomDay #secularism #respect #heritage #WondersOfTheWorld #humanity #peace #faith

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@indianarmy.adgpi On the occasion of the 70th Indian Army Day, Team Trip Navigator would like to take a moment to salute our heroes who keep the enemies away and our country safe. You spend sleepless nights guarding our borders so we can sleep peacefully at night. Thank you, the bravest of brave! Jai Hind! #JaiHind #IndianArmyDay #IndianArmy

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5 Best Beach Resorts in India Dreaming of sun, sand and sea this cold winter? Here are some of the finest beach resorts in India that will make you want to pack your bags and escape ASAP! @GrandHyattGoa: Located in the heart of Goa, this breathtaking waterfront resort is all about unwinding in luxury. Spread across 28 acres, it is an expansive, lush property with spacious banquet facilities, making it an ideal venue for large corporate team events. Image source: The Leela, #Kovalam: Carrying the distinguished title of being India's only cliff-top beach resort, this luxurious venue is the best way to enjoy a seaside sojourn. Indulge in some fun events and recreational activities as a team on the hotel's private beach, head out on backwater cruises or experience the culture of God's own country with your teammates. #Intercontinental, #Mahabalipuram - @icchennai: Located at Covelong, nestled right by the pristine, golden coastline along the Bay of Bengal, it is the perfect mix of splendor and heritage. The architecture blends modern elements with a renascent #Coromandel style to create a unique aesthetic sense, while the hospitality will leave you smiling right from the moment you enter. Image source: Le Pondy, #Pondicherry: This gorgeous resort is located at an estuary formed between the Chunnambar river and the Bay of Bengal. Pondicherry, popularly known as the French Riviera of the East, and the Colonial architecture of the resort will create a whole new experiential world for you - feel the tropical breeze in your hair as you look towards the horizon, leave all your troubles behind and feel completely refreshed here. Silver Sand Beach Resort, #Havelock: One of the best beach resorts among the offbeat holiday destinations India has to offer, the silver sands and pristine beaches at the Havelock Island offer an unmatched and unforgettable tropical experience. A discrete resort, with several fun activities on offer - this is the ideal getaway your team needs! Image source: #grandhyattgoa #leelakovalam #LePondy #havelockisland #chennai

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It’s #trivia time, travel lovers! On World Hindi Day, we thought we’d share some interesting facts about the language. If you thought #Hindi was spoken only in India – well, you thought wrong. Here’s a list of countries outside of the Indian subcontinent where you would come across this language: • Fiji • Trinidad and Tobago • Singapore • South Africa • Guyana • Mauritius #WorldHindiDay #BeingIndian #ProudToBeIndian #IndianSubcontinent

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At a team event, it's essential to keep the ball rolling on the fun and not let event attendees feel bored or overwhelmed. Here are some of our favorite fillers to include in your next corporate RnR program. Sand Artist: Sand animation and sand drawing can narrate a whole story with just a few grains of sand! As the artist weaves his magic over the sand, creating beautiful imagery, the audience will feel spellbound and drawn into the tale, even as it admires his mastery. It's an engaging performance and a unique experience to offer. Drum Café: Drum Cafe, or interactive drumming, is one of the most energetic and engaging team building activities to offer at your next event. Sitting back in a relaxed environment, finding a rhythm to beat the drums to helps participants break down barriers and bond better with each other, while letting them discover their hidden musical talents along the way! Image source: Fire Acts: Fire performances are adrenaline packed, thrilling with just a hint of danger, and will leave your audience enthralled. There's something so energizing and uplifting about watchingflames dance, and fire performance artists can create a sense of awe and wonder with their dangerous skills. This one's an 'edge of the seat', unmissable performance! DJ with Percussionist: Take a musical night to the next level and give your audience a Live Remix experience by booking a combo of a DJ and a percussionist. Music gets livelier and so much more thrilling when there's a live element to add to the mix. Watch the percussionist bring the DJ's beats to life and keep your event attendees on their toes, dancing into late hours at this performance. Shadow Acts: No longer relegated to the corners of the street, watch shadows come alive and dance on a large screen, depicting tales of wonder with a few quick moves. Dance, theater and technological innovation come together to offer a unique experience, where silhouettes and various shapes tell a story without the need for facial expressions. #SandArt #DrumCafe #DJ #Percussionist #LiveRemix #ShadowArt #ShadowPlay #FireActs

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"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller On World Braille Day, Team @tripnavigator salutes Louis Braille for empowering the visually impaired among us with the gift to read, dream and let the mind wander. #WorldBrailleDay #VisuallyImpaired #Imagination #Braille #Empowerment #HelenKeller

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So, 2017 and the celebrations are behind us, and we’re all back to work – refreshed and renewed in 2018! Already missing the holidays of the last week? We’ve got great news – there’s a lot to look forward to this year. We’ve been blessed with 16 (yes, 16!) long #holiday #weekends coming up in 2018. Here’s a list you might want to save: 1. Jan 20-22: Basant Panchami Weekend 2. Jan 26-28: Republic Day Weekend 3. Feb 10-13: Maha Shivratri Weekend (just take Monday off for this 4-day break!) 4. Mar 2-4: Holi Weekend 5. Mar 29-Apr 1: Good Friday to Easter Weekend 6. Apr 28-May 1: Buddha Purnima, Labour Day Weekend 7. Jun 15-17: Eid-ul-fitr Weekend 8. Aug 15-19: Independence Day, Parsi New Year Weekend (take leave on 16 Aug to make a 5-day weekend!) 9. Aug 22-26: Eid-ul-adha, Onam Weekend (you’ll need a day off on 23 Aug to get 5 days to yourself!) 10. Sep 1-3: Janmashtami Weekend 11. Sepr 13-16: Ganesh Chaturthi Weekend (all you need is a day’s leave on 14 Sep) 12. Sep 29-Oct 2: Gandhi Jayanti Weekend (of course, you’ll need 1 day off on 1 Oct) 13. Oct 18-21: Mahanavami, Dussehra Weekend 14. Nov 3-5: Dhanteras Weekend 15. Nov 7-11: Diwali, Govardhan Puja, Bhai Dooj Weekend 16. Dec 22-25: Christmas Weekend (with 1 day off on 24 Dec) What are you waiting for? Start planning your next bucket list of short breaks for this year already! #HolidayWeekendsIn2018 #WeekendHoliday #ShortGetaways #TravelLove

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5 Best Illusionists of India Sometimes, it's good to escape from reality and let your mind wander into the realm of the fantastic. Here are some of India's leading #illusionists who can enthrall you with their sleight of hand! @AkshayLaxman: A #mentalist and mind reader who shot to fame with his performances at India's Got Talent, Akshay's shows are well attended not just within the country but even in international locations. Edmundo Da Cunha: One of the best #magicians in Goa, Edmundo's shows are guaranteed to offer an unreal, fantastical experience. His Close-up Magic Show will leave you flummoxed, entertained and bedazzled with his #MindReading, #pyschokinesis and gamut of sophisticated tricks. @MohitRaoMindReader: #MindReader, Mentalist and Corporate Entertainer - Mohit Rao dons many caps. He's quite a force to reckon with - having predicted the exact closing of the BSE Sensex live on National TV, hypnotized over 25,000 people globally and even used telepathy to drive a car while blindfolded. Bhupesh Dave: Mentalist Mr. B, as he likes to be known, is the country's only experimentalist with an ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. Mind reading, bending mental objects with the power of his mind, and #telekinesis are just some of the many tricks up his sleeve! @nakulshenoy: Corporate entertainer and magician Nakul Shenoy will captivate you with his magic and mind reading capabilities. The hypnotist creates unique experiences for each event, as he perseveres to become "a real-life #Mandrake".

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A financial services client of ours is celebrating 20 years in business by conducting events across 14 Indian cities. We helped around 250 attendees join in the revelry across #Bangalore, #Pune, #Maharashtra and #Ahmedabad, India. #Dance performances, #skits and #singing helped shine the limelight on the entertainers among the event attendees, while an #awards ceremony recognized and rewarded the high performance employees. We gave each event a different #theme to complement each location's heritage and culture, and even set up photo booths for memorable pictures at each venue! #BollywoodThemeParty #CorporateEvents #Gujarat #Karnataka #Bengaluru

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A mystical village on the Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom offers a quiet sojourn from the trappings of the city life. Crisscrossing canals populated by numerous #houseboats, coconut trees adorning the shores - if you're looking for a laidback vacation with your corporate team, this is the place to be. Spend the day cruising down the #backwaters on houseboats, pay a visit to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, and wind down the day with some fun team building activities at Aruvikuzhy Waterfalls. Give us a call today to book your team's visit to this luxurious

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