tye_bate @Sun 14 Jan 2018

Great day exploring Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier. ☀️🎥 I even got a custom poem made by someone on the street. I gave him a subject which was TRAVEL, here it is: "Stepping outside yourself, you wander embracing unknown territories, letting your soul feel lonely, as a stranger on an adventure discovering the world outside as well as the regions within yourself you never knew existed."

tye_bate @Thu 11 Jan 2018

Had a great shoot yesterday in Beverly Hills, California with @jaimebolla and @bigreviewtv. 🎥🎬I've recently started pinching myself every morning. I'm actually living my dream and childhood fantasies.

tye_bate @Tue 02 Jan 2018

Here's a cool shot I found the other day. The year before last I was producer on a short film called @channellingtheecho * Here I believe we were testing the large LED screen. I remember lots of laughter and excitement at 1am in the morning in Leichhardt when the technicians finally switched on the screen, ready for production the following day. Exciting times!

tye_bate @Mon 01 Jan 2018

Momentum.🎥 Momentum. 🎥Momentum.🎥 Is the number one word that resonated with me in 2017 and will continue to in 2018. If I slack off for literally just one day the next day won't be as productive. I have to keep going even if I'm tired and transcend pain and fear to remain motivated and focused on the daily. What's one word that resonates with you? Comment below. @tye_bate #best9

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tye_bate @Mon 01 Jan 2018

Almost finished with a very special project. 🎥🖥 It's been tough trying to find the time during the end of year chaos to get it done, but with a little bit of work ethic and determination I'm proud to say that I'm almost ready to export and send to my client. 😊✌🏾

tye_bate @Sun 31 Dec 2017

What a year 😊😂😜😲It's literally flashed before my eyes. A short breath and its over. Exactly one year ago I graduated film school, and was about to continue studying. After some sleepless nights I decided to bail and enter the 'real' world. Probably the best decision I could have made. I started to invest in my own filming equipment. I worked full time as a video editor, freelanced on the side and volunteered on as many short film shoots as possible. One of the short films randomly led to an exciting mid-year opportunity, which was to embark on the Kokoda trek with @chocolateboxtraining as a videographer 🎥. That Trek alone opened my eyes to a whole new world 🌎. I was then offered to work at Chocolate Box full time. I said "YES". It's been such a fun ride making creative video content and flying to Borneo and Phuket. I sat down yesterday to reflect on 2017 and set some new goals to take action on in 2018. I circled the most important goal and that was to become the best storyteller. What an awesome year! Thanks all for following the journey thus far. How was your year? comment below. @tye_bate • • Candid Shot 📸 from a transit hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

tye_bate @Sun 03 Dec 2017

Back in Sydney now! ✈️🎥What a great trip we just embarked on. Definitely one to remember. This shot was captured during sunrise at Sandakan markets. Had a great time filming for @chocolateboxtraining and @sunbearsunscreen in Borneo and Phuket. ✌🏾

tye_bate @Sun 19 Nov 2017

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." - @oprah * Can barely wait to embark on another adventure with @chocolateboxtraining + @sunbearsunscreen * first stop BORNEO ✈️🎥😎 * @tye_bate