upas555 @Mon 15 Jan 2018

The best attempt to be called a murderer for killing someone without even feeling guilty..👀 🕊🦅👏.. HAPPY UTTRAYAN. .The court is now adjourned. 🛑⏳✒📋⚠️😢 Wooohoo..(n specially to all my non vegeterian friends who says that they dont believe in killing n eating the innocent species) We are doing so great.🛐🙇‍♀️👍 (Grand salute to all)

upas555 @Sun 31 Dec 2017

. REWIND《Time》FORWARD . My 2018 is in 🔜⏩forward mode n 2017 is in 🔙⏪rewind mode I dont know when all this craziness will come to a pause▶️🔛⏸well who wants to stop.?.. . (every button of your life is important in their own place ...value them) . "STOP THE WHEELS OF TIME" . Song: (Stay a little longer with me, baby! Won’t you stay a little longer with me) . Dont take anything lightly becoz the time is counting on you... Invest your time on yourself.. Be you.. Do what you love.. Find ur true role .. Execute it. Dont be live on phones ...instead of that live a

#happynewyear #insearchofme #lookingforwardto2018